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Now a days child birth and pregnancy has become a topic of concern. As many women don’t wish go through a long period of change, pain, and even consider the possibility of dying in the process.

Nowadays pregnancy and childbirth have become a topic of concern. Many women don’t wish to go through a long period of change, pain, considering modern issues and even the possibility of dying in the process.


Sadly, maternal mortality and pregnancy related changes still exist in our society, even after tremendous advancement in the medical realm. In 2018, the maternal mortality rate was 17.4 per 100,000 births in the United States, and that excludes the complicated cases. And this is not the only problem with procreation according to the World Health Organization.


A worldwide survey estimated that 186 million married women from developing countries were maintaining a child wish – meaning they were having difficulty conceiving, which can be translated to 1 in every 4 couples.

Now here is a question. Have you ever wondered if you can have a child with no care in mind? In a manner that is smarter and safer than ever before?

Well, this might sound like a fairy-tale and go contrary to the above statements, but technology has made it possible. As the name suggests, Smart Procreation helps parents to make smarter choices about their offspring.

These procedures help a family assess the possible risk with childbirth and even the genetic qualities of the child. Such possibilities might seem new to you. But worldwide the trend to utilize such diagnostic measures is on the rise.

With our aid, you will be able to access medical services that would help you know:

- what are the genes most likely transmissible to your unborn babies

- the future genetic disorders that would likely affect them

- identify reproductive problems and find their cure

Our Services

Our Services are categorized into 3 main parts which are –

1. Third Party Surrogancy Services

Some people are not able to bear child even with the assistance of modern medicine. For them the last option available is to employ a third party either to bear the child or donate necessary gametes.

  • You are sterile.
  • You are a same sex couple.
  • You are a single woman but want a baby.
  • Adoption is not an option for you.
  • You have past emotional and present physical trauma.
  • You had a hysterectomy that removed your uterus.
  • You have conditions that make pregnancy impossible or risky for you such as severe heart disease.
  • You are unable to carry pregnancy full-term.
  • You don’t want to go through the stress or physical changes of pregnancy.

We provide Two main and most effective medical service there is for such cases and they come with whole legal procedure and registration process included. These are -

Surrogacy Services

Surrogacy is for women who are unable to conceive on their own. For them using the couples fertilized embryo or through donated sperm or egg another surrogate mother is made pregnant for normal childbirth. As a woman, you may consider surrogacy for several reasons if:

Sperm or Ovum Donation

Sperm and Ovum donation is for those who cannot entirely produce any sperm or ovum. For them screened and healthy frozen sperm or ovum can be used to initiate pregnancy.

2. Artificial Reproduction

As the name suggests this procedure aims to use external influence and methods to promote the chance of conceiving a healthy baby, which includes external fertilization, forced insemination etc.

The prevalence of this procedure is on the rise, as more and more people are finding it very difficult to conceive normally. In fact, many studies speculate that 1 in every 7 couples in Europe are infertile.

The pie chart displays a shocking image of the global condition. With infertility of up to 24% in some countries. But the numbers may be even greater, considering that many people don’t get diagnosed and live on with adopted sons or daughters.

For that, we have searched the globe to bond with the medical facilities that will help you in your endeavor.

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Our services are -

Intrauterine Insemination is a process where a sperm is artificially placed inside a woman for an increased chance of pregnancy.

IVF is for people who had repeated failure to conceive or both the partner has difficulties to do so normally. In this process their sperm and egg are fertilized artificially and later placed in the uterus for normal pregnancy.

Assisted Hatching is a sort of microsurgery where a small hole is made in the embryo so that it can break free from its outer shell and implant itself into the mother’s uterus.

Surgical sperm aspiration is for males who can produce sperm but are unable to ejaculate them even with assistance. For them, sperm is aspirated directly from the testicles using a fine needle under anaesthesia.

3. DNA and Genetic Screening

DNA and Genetic screening are mainly used to identify the genetic trait of the child using maternal blood or embryonic cells. The main purpose of this procedure is to identify possible traits of the child and the possibility to transfer of any hereditary or mutational disease. Sometimes, it is also used to find ancestry or parents.


The DNA screening services we can provide are

Personality test utilizes questions and genetic analysis to predict the possible personality of the off-spring of the couples.

Ancestry testing is a simple DNA analysis used to match the DNA between people and find the possible ancestors of the patient. Some processes can find up to the 4th generation of ancestors.

Early genetic testing is a screening process using a small sample of embryonic cells to scan the DNA for any heredity disorders.

Rare disease testing diagnosis aims to detect chromosomal disorders that may occur due to aberrant mutation or transfer or deleting of dominant gene.

DNA testing uses blood or buccal swab to separate DNA fragments and screen them for any possible mutation to detect cancer, heart disease, etc.

Reproductive processes can be difficult, let aside technology. Sometimes, it requires to take place in another country.

Don’t worry! To reduce your burden, we will have a trustworthy accredited assistance by your side throughout the entire process. Book an appointment with us today!

We will make sure that you are surrounded by the cosy, peaceful environment you deserve, with the presence of medical professionals to answer any potential concerns.