The first step of an effective medical treatment is an accurate diagnostic. With a diagnosis reporting the A to Z of your condition, a physician can quickly and effectively address any medical condition. The accuracy is heavily dependent on technology and expertise. In fact, the lack of any of the components can result in misdiagnosis. According to a research of BMJ Quality and Safety, every year in the US about 12 million adults are misdiagnosed. It is believed that 40 to 80 thousand people suffer or die from complications due to misdiagnosis. For disease diagnosis, normally one would visit their local med centre or laboratories. However, here at INZOOMOUT we take things a notch higher for your benefit and safety.


We are in partnership with the world’s leading and best diagnostic centres, laboratories in multiple fields of medicine. Get yourself tested for any disease, anywhere in the world. We ensure to take care of the many little pieces of the puzzle, such as sending or collecting samples, doing your files or recommending worldwide experts to you. The best part is that you can do this from the comfort of your home. The only thing you need to do is contact us with your problem and we will be ready to be at your service. Even when treatment procedures require traveling, you can leave that to us. INZOOMOUT is certified professional medical traveller facilitator from Global Health Accreditation (GHA). We know all the details and our people are by your side every step of the way.

Diagnostic Services Provided by Us -

Our blood houses a wide range of relevant information which can provide information about cancer, infection, hormonal disorders, genetic material, and many other. Another plus is that it is easy to collect and can be preserved for a long time.

The analysis of Saliva is useful to identify hormonal complications, immunologic, inflammatory, and other infectious conditions. It is popular due to its ease of collection and accuracy.

The tissues of different parts of the body is collected to calculate the chance of tissue match-making or stem cells, or for complications analysis. It usually requires a physician’s assistance but some can be done from home.

The Buccal Swab is mainly used for painless DNA collection procedure from Buccal cells, from which genetic analysis of the patient can be easily conducted.

Stool is used for the sole assessment of gut health and gut flora. The residual cells, bacteria, and its composition along with abnormal findings can help identifying infection, perforation, or other disorders.

The first step to determine the health of the Kidney and UT is to do a urine test. The presence of pus, cast cells, and other components can tell us whether there is a stone, an infection, or some other malignant formation in the urinary tract or the system.

For any kind of reproductive problem of men, semen is analysed. It can be used to pin-point the causes such as hormonal problems, testicular trauma, presence of toxins etc.

If you wish to avail of our diagnostic services remotely, this is our process:

  • After hiring us, you will be asked to send us your medical file with all the required details
  • Your file will be sent to the hospital for recommendations
  • The hospital provides the payment details along with any other administrative requirements to receive the sample from yourself
  • You need to send to us those samples according to the given specifications
  • We notify you about the reception of the samples and well as the time it takes for results to be ready
  • You receive your diagnosis and further, based on that we agree with you, we contact a hospital or doctor for your treatment.