About Us

INZOOMOUT (IZO) the number one globally licensed online medical concierge facilitator and artificial intelligence (AI) versatile service company. We help you to spend smartly on your health and live a longer and higher quality life. We provide Medical Concierge Services to our clients. With our help you will know what disease is more prone to complicate your health in the future and how to take proactive measures against them using the most Advanced Medical Technology available in the market. This would result in noticeable positive medical outcomes.

If you have ever pondered on any of the above questions then toast a glass to good health, you are in the right place to obtain a solution for your medical challenges.

The world has reached new landmarks of achievement and innovation. Despite the fact that immunotherapy treatments have become available in many hospitals which own premium insurances, Patients still don’t obtain Personalized Medical Treatment. Personalized treatment is the most concise and effective medical service available in the medical Industry.

If you are financially capable and you do not wish to continuously lack the most effective personalized medical treatment in the world, then InZoomOut is the right place for you. All you need to do is go through our services, choose the most appropriate for you and contact us.

We will guide you through your initial procedures and diagnosis right from your home, and prepare you for a comfortable and caring treatment. Are you ready to spend smartly on your health?


We here at InZoomOut share the same desire - to reach immortality, just like medical science. And if it seems too much said, then we aim to reach a longer and healthier life. Even though it is still a faraway objective, for now we can try to prevent cells from reaching senescence. That way we can move one step ahead and go past such conditions.


Even though now we can live a lot longer than any of our predecessors, but presence of ever evolving disease is still limiting the satisfaction we can reach with our life time. And this pain has led to the raise of our unwavering vision to -

  • Help you attain a 95% stronger health with longer life expectancy rate.
  • Help you attain the most possible lowest disease vulnerability level by adopting Advanced Medical Technology to increase individual immunity level they once had in the past 30 years of their being (Reversed Immunity).

“We are not the Hospitals, physicians Airports, or Hotels, we are your medical travel facilitator and liaison agent.”

Why Choose Us

The most prevailing practice that makes us stand out is the time management strategy of our team, as we understand the value of time better than anyone else.

Our sense of urgency in regards to our clients’ healthcare is prompt and incomparable.


  • Kind and ethical communication
  • Long term experienced Practitioners
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Compassion and a good bedside manner


And yes, your privacy is safe with us. Have no doubts about that.

With our team of great care-givers, we transfer your medical information quickly complying with GDPR regulations/HIPPA regulations, provide high level of hospitality and Care and most importantly we save your time.

  • Our concierge doctors are available even during the pandemic

Round the clock doctor visits ensures timely diagnosis of complications before they become serious, making the treatment a preventive care not a reactive one

  • More time allows the physicians to address to each and every issues of patient instead of complicated ones. This in turn allows the doctor to keep track of your overall health

Since one doctor takes care of everything, the concierge services actually cost less comparing to taking treatment by oneself

  • Travel related arrangements won’t be a burden for you anymore. We ensure your comfort throughout the entire process
  • We have arrangements to offer our services in multiple languages and that is why we also provide translation services, too