We provide a clear insight and help into new concepts such as genetic testing, DNA sequencing an editing, surrogacy, in-vitro maturation and endometrial receptivity, helping millions of clients who are stuck in making a decision on which technology to pick depending on their situation. With us, you will learn and get help in genetic modification of babies to have traits that you desire and remove those that you do not desire.

Our inspiration comes from some of the world’s greatest innovators such as Elon Musk, who are committed to make the world a different and better place through technology. We offer direction to the best centers that offer these services with the best possible technologies, at the lowest possible costs. Our database contains all the relevant information with their contacts. Feel free to get in touch just in case the information on our website is not sufficient.

The future is Tech! Let’s all embrace it.

At INZOOMOUT, we believe that humans are not limited by nature and the use of science has always been proof of that. With ground-breaking technologies being innovated and adopted in the field of medicine, we are now able to perform many things that were initially considered impossible going by nature’s norm.

Ever thought of having a baby whose traits at adulthood are predetermined? Well, this might sound like a fairly tale but technology has made it possible. With the latest technologies such as IVF, embryo screening and diagnosis, INVOcell and the use of time lapse embryoscope, it is now possible to monitor the growth of a child and know their progress.