Smart Procreation

Ever thought of having a baby whose traits can be pre-determined? This might sound like a dream come true, right?

Diagnosis of DNA and Modern Treatments

We go in-depth into analyzing patients’ DNA in order to provide a personalized treatment based on their genetics and medical condition.

Artificial Inteligence Medical Platform

3D Printing

3D printing

Brain interface

Brain interface

Early genetic testing

Early genetic testing





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June 2024
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Welcome To InZoomOut

Why Choose Us?

Waiting for any medical service can be, apart from boring, also risky as these places are always packed with people. If the pandemic is to be considered, then it only adds up to the problem.

This doesn’t have to happen this way, though. Your medical experience is completely facilitated by inZoomOut. With us, you minimize your interaction with administrative processes or all external factors.

Contact the best global medical team, from wherever you are. If necessary, we will arrange everything for you, from traveling to food and accommodation. Your treatment – with ribbon on top.

We believe that people should only focus on healing from sickness and strengthening themselves, while all the tedious tasks to be taken care of. And for that us, InZoomOut, we enlist the best hospitals with the most suitable accommodation.

At InZoomOut, we provide you with a one-stop solution for your health issues by connecting you to the best medical facilities from all around the world that includes:

  • make travel arrangements along with travel agents.
  • translating services
  • translated medical documents.
  • travel letters and other needed assistance

  • we help ensure all your airport processes and documentations proceeds as smoothly as possible
  • if any issues arise, we will take all necessary measures to resolve it quickly for you.

  • remind you of any follow up when needed.
  • arrange check-up either from home or any suitable place available.
  • if needed we can also take care of medication.

**certified medical travel professional by Global Healthcare Accredittion